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Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and I have some small problems with the game, but otherwise, the big problem is my shortage of mana. I never have enough mana sometimes, you know? it's a real problem.
So...if I have problems with shtuff, feel free to help.

Welcome to the forums newcomer ;)

Well, we can't really help you with the mana, except from telling you to check the different options in-game for getting mana !

Please report any problems you have with the game!
And if you have any feedback, we'ld be glad to hear it!

The daily challenges give much mana and there are some "actions to complete" where you have to do things like watching videos and getting mana for that. My problem is more: I have much mana, but unsure if to buy trees and decoration or wait for new feautures and can buy them inmeadeletely... I had the mana problem for the daily mission update too; cant complete missions and have to wait 'til the next day.

Have fun here on the forums!

Welcome, I'm new aswell. If you're on a mana budget you could try to decide what kind of things you prefer to do in The Sandbox. If you prefer to just create still, traditional pixelart you might want to go for the Mineral Elements (the colors) and the cool buildings/trees/dinos - things that look neat. If you like to design working systems more then drawing then go for the functional elements first and add just like one tree etc. for starters.

A great tip is to read through the element guide (tap the red book at the main screen), it will tell you what the various elements are good for and it can be a great way to decide what to spend your mana on. ALso, if you decide to spend some real money and have to choose, skip the mana pack and go for the campaigns. They will give you more challenges, more inspiration AND more mana :)


Hi agent1! welcome! You will be awesome


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