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The Sandbox - Update 1.99994: Underwater!
« on: October 01, 2015, 04:51:22 PM »

The new 1.99994 update "UNDERWATER" is out on iOS!

★ New Campaign: Underwater!★

Explore with Jones the legendary city of Atlantis, meet an unexpected ally and fight dangers of the depths in this new campaign! With the new underwater elements, create your own underwater adventure

Get now the new 1.99994 update for The Sandbox on iOS
Download at
YouTube Trailer:

What's New in the Update 1.99994?

▪ 2 new controllable elements, and their enemy versions:
▪ Atlantean, a humanoid with fishlike features that can breathe underwater and suffocates when outside of it. He can also dash forward when swimming, and jumps instead when he’s not. Has a ranged attack.
▪ Submarine, a vehicle that can only move in water and can shoot Torpedoes to defeat its enemies or obstacles. Torpedoes are projectiles that can move in liquids and do not destroy them when they explode.
▪ 3 new sea animals to populate your aquatic levels or even serve as enemies in them
▪ Shark, a fearsome predator of the sea, moves from one side to the other in search for prey.
▪ Jellyfish look cute and glow in many colors but are extremely poisonous and should never be approached.
▪ Anemones will attract and pull small fishes towards them but are mostly harmless. Unless Mutagem is used on them…
▪ 1 new tech element:
▪ Torpedo Launcher, which is activated and used the same way the Rocket Launcher is. Torpedoes are rockets that only move in Water. If they are spawned elsewhere, they will simply fall downwards and explode when touching the floor.
▪ A campaign of 18 levels where you will follow Jones in his search for the Lost City of Atlantis. He will, however, spend most of the adventure in the Submarine, and will find an unexpected friend on the way: the Atlantean Prince. Fight your way through underwater caves, mysterious temples, and even the mouth of a giant beast.

We hope you will enjoy it, please let us know your feedbacks!


The Sandbox Team