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The Sandbox - Update 1.99987: Mutant Monsters!
« on: July 22, 2015, 03:33:32 PM »

The new 1.99987 update "MUTANT MONSTERS!" is out on iOS!

★ New Campaign: Mutant Monsters!★

Ever wanted to put Giant Monsters against each other in a world you made yourself? Discover the power of the MutaGem, and experiment with it on living elements! You can even use the Mind Ray to control them and fight yourself!

Get now the new 1.9998 update for The Sandbox on iOS
Download at
YouTube Trailer:

What's New in the Update 1.99987?

- A new element, the MutaGem, that has the power to transform living beings into monsters.
- A campaign of 18 levels will begin when you discover the MutaGem, deep inside the devastated nuclear wasteland you find at the end of the Ecology 2 campaign. This adventure will transport you through many different places, as you learn to release the power of the MutaGem's capabilities, the Giant Monsters it can create, and take control of them with the help of the Mind Ray.
- The Aberrations: failed products of the MutaGem that hate the world and will try to crush anything that moves.
- 1 New Animal, the Earthworm. Usually found in soil or mud, ocasionally goes to the surface out of curiosity. He's the Catalyst for the DoomGrub Element.
- 1 New Enemy, the CrocoBot. Behaves just like the Crocodile, but thanks to its enhanced durability and mechanical upgrades any target within range will be no match for the missiles it shoots from its mouth.
- 2 new Mutant Monsters that are born from the fusion between living elements and the MutaGem:
     - Haijira, the likable and gigantic grey Dinosaur, that strikes with its tail and lets off a deadly blue Energy Breath.
     - MechaRex, the mechanical counterpart of Haijira, a Cyborg T-Rex that strikes with its mouth and fires a scorching red Laser Breath.
- The Mind Ray, a weapon that will allow you to take control of the Giant Monsters and fight the world (including other monsters!).

We hope you will enjoy it, please let us know your feedbacks!


The Sandbox Team