Author Topic: The Sandbox - Update 1.9998: Relic Hunting Time!  (Read 5721 times)


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The Sandbox - Update 1.9998: Relic Hunting Time!
« on: March 16, 2015, 02:25:37 PM »
Hello Sandboxers!

The new 1.9998 update "RELIC HUNTING TIME!" is out on iOS!

Ready for a new exploration and action campaign? Control Jones, the new adventurer character, explore ancient temples, brave all the danger of the Mayan Jungle and discover new treasures!

Get now the new 1.9998 update for The Sandbox on iOS
Download at
YouTube Trailer:

What's New ?

Discover Jones, Arnold's new fellow and his goods : Whip, Rope, Boomerang and Torch! Fight Snakes, Mayan Guardians, Piranhas and Killer Bees in order to reveal ancient secrets buried in a strange temple, deep down a dangerous jungle.

▪   1 new platform-oriented campaign of 16 levels, featuring Arnold and Jones.

Over 30 new elements to make your platform game levels and mini-games, including:

▪  New Enemies: Snake, Mayan Guardian, Piranha and Killer Bees
▪  3 colors of Keys and Doors for creating labyrinths and worlds with gates
▪  Power Ups: Whip, Rope, Boomerang, Torch
▪  Game design elements: Big Rock, Lever
▪  Weapons: Missile Launcher Turret and Power Cannon
▪  Special Items and Decorations: Treasure, Golden Idol, El Dorado Building, Mayan Magician, Giant Mayan Calendar, Quetzalcoatl Stone and Sacrifice Altar
▪  New Game Music
▪  New App Icon
▪  Various Optimizations and Bugs Fixes

We hope you will enjoy it, please let us know your feedbacks!


The Sandbox Team