Author Topic: Rebirth Mobile New Game!!!! 2019  (Read 15 times)


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Rebirth Mobile New Game!!!! 2019
« on: March 11, 2019, 02:58:22 AM »

CARET GAMES Inc. launches Rebirth M (Korean name: (REBIRTH: 구원 의 그림자), the spectacular Open World MMORPG mobile game in Southeast Asia, both iOS and Android in Southeast Asia. But will not enter the Thai store The developer has prepared a separate server for Thailand. (Or may have service providers in Thailand)

Rebirth M is a mobile MMORPG game, Open World, 3D graphics that come with a mid-battle of the characters with wings. Which is the highlight of the game Make you have to connect to AION Online, the famous game of NCSoft.
holiday palace
The highlight of this game is the free battle on the vast map of Open World, as well as the PK system (Player Killing, Battle between players) outside the village that has adapted to the mobile environment. Allowing players to experience the feeling of being the most MMORPG online

There is also a castle strike system that is similar to most online PC games. And players will have fun with the spectacular action Including the creation of 4 characters, including the Ranger, Slayer, Wizard, Berserker, each with different fighting styles. that not enough There is also a transformation system for players to convert into monsters. Up to 25 attacking dungeons