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Super Smash and Jump Force


Never played the first game
1. Bandai Namco is reputed to be expensive. Of course, a normal person might touch 2000.
2. Today's cartoon game, the characters always feel full (DB FighterZ DLC should be a regular character, which will go anywhere), now revealed 16, the game includes J-Star Victory Versus jump All 32 characters do not have DLC, but Forze is definitely there.
3. The gameplay, the characters move very hard. Understand that it is still in the development stage.

1. If the game is a ninja, STORM, BURNING, BLOOD or other cartoon game of the ladder camp Will play very easy One button press Already released combos
2. Like the Special Intro system, the characters that have a relationship come together and will have a special conversation. Which most fighting games use this system See examples from the game DB FighterZ in Goku. Meet Badak and be a little confused. Injustice 2 at the intro depends on which one we find. This game should have this system too. If you eat


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