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What videos do you want to see?


Hi there My name is Napapon
I have made a couple youtube videos of The Sandbox(with good quality, but no sound support :/  ) I was wondering what videos you would like to see. Ones that i have made are walkthrough of the story(videos go by 6, there is a seperate one for a easyer day 13(all call them levels)). my youtube channel is: . Please,send in any requests, even if it is a request to make a world like a machine or other peoples work that are good.(i ran out of ideas and just going to make a element machine that puts a certain type of element in a cup.)

You already ran out of ideas?

Just play the game and comment whatever comes to your mind. I like that type of videos a lot for example. If that suits your style, that is. Sort of like a live stream come to think of it, but a tiny bit more tight and scripted.

It's a story that I can tell others. Which is considered very good


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