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I Found a Huge bug


Hi there My name is Arisara
Today, i play The Sandbox on my phone, and i do a nuclear bomb on civilians, and the game crashed, after, i relaunch the game, the menu say me to i get 6525 of mana, i go in "create" and my mana get 5000 mana for free. (total 11525 of mana)

For be sure, i do it again, and i get again 5000 free mana.

I try other way to make the game crashed, and after every crashed i got 5000 free mana แทงบอลเต็ง

I don't know how i got this bug, and if you didn't wan't bug abuse, fix it please :)

Have a nice day ;)

As you already know. We have completed the first part of the sandbox test, and now the sandbox server has ended. And we have worked hard. In response analysis And stats from players. During testing That makes us create a section of the next Sandbox test.
In the report, we will talk about the original goal. We have tested the content available. The results we have checked. The results we get. And our intentions in the next step. With the results in the test.

Like this website that has all the information and knowledge for everyone who comes to find information.


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