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I doubt this will get any replies since this forum appears to be dead, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

I am trying to get all the achievements in The Sandbox on the Steam version of the game. But I am having trouble with the, 'User', 'Power User', 'Extreme User', and 'Addicted User' achievements. I can't seem to get them to unlock no matter what I do. I've played everyday for the past week or so and they won't unlock.

Any suggestions as to how I could unlock these?

Alright well for the 0.00000001% of people that are both here and are interested, I was able to get the achievements by changing my computer's date to one day ahead, restarting steam and the sandbox, then playing 'create' for a few seconds. Then repeating this process until I got each achievement.

If possible, we would like to thank you for this great information.

Article on your website, make the most of the information it is to read a lot longer.

thank you for this great information.  ;D


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