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Some ideas for a new update


- A infinite scrolling world or just a larger universe that is scrollable and adjustable world size
- Option for new worlds to have randomly generated terrain
- Ability to get next section of level pack when done previous for free (for example you finish brainac 1 and you get brainac 2 for free, finish 2 and get 3, etc.)
- Maybe a new dev idea for computers to make this game in a 3d world
- better "element-pedia" descriptions (for example, explain the effects of different gems on lasers)
- maybe for all versions add multiple layers to to allow for electronics and other stuff to be hidden while still controlling it
- Weather cloud spawner elements
- mushroom cloud explosion background not everlasting after nuke
- on last day of free gifts, maybe you could have a chance to win an element
- custom settings game of life element
- In any game/level that there is a insert coin button pressing it causes the game to crash
- Crashes a lot in general
- sometimes dont get daily gift
-level completion glitchs

More suggestions
- componets to change gravity
-NOT gates
-Other logic gates
-no gravity option
-premade diode component
-custom color blocks


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