Author Topic: Possible Future elements and mechanices  (Read 3161 times)


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Possible Future elements and mechanices
« on: June 28, 2015, 05:39:01 PM »
Here are some things you guys could add to the Sandbox:
Ability to tint pixels (Paint)
A house decoration that cannot be entered
Lava spreading a bit slower (The entire page turns to lava from 4 pixels in a second!)
More liquids (And waxy liquids: Liquid at hot temperatures)
More gases
Ability to place Arnold and Braniac at once
Cheese element (Or atleast a cow)
An enemy that you can change weapons
More Braniac devices
A tool to make a certain area you touch hotter or colder (Works on top of blocks too)
A weapon which can turn all blocks (Except insulator and Wall) Into liquid
More Aliens
Some sort of interactions between sequids and Xenovine
More basic elements ( Concrete as one)
Ability to place and buy toxic waste
Ability to make any material stack able (So it doesn't go into a pile, instead a tower so you can make stone walls)
Make a backup of profile.dat so our game doesnt lose its data
Have the ability to deactivate a nuke, transport it and activate it again
Certain blocks are stronger, so make it so it takes longer for the laser to pass through them
A delayer for circuits
Ability to change an environment (So make it so storms occur naturally)
Make it so Humans can spawn as kids
More minerals
Make soldiers that fight each other (Wars?)
Npc Braniacs
Npc Planes
More blocks to make more complicated circuits
More human jobs
More weather mechanics
A cave tool (Instead of placing walls to stop the blocks from falling, it turns some of the blocks static for more realistic caves)
More vegetation
Radiation detector
A button that instantly causes rain
A tower humans can go into
Doors for houses that humans open automatically (Without our help) to go outside
More bosses
Scientist human
Evil Npc spaceship
New interaction between Squids and Zombies
New interaction between Zombies and Xenovine
New interaction between Xenovine and Robots
Sludge elements
Special Builder human creates complex things like pipes and wires where a big enough city it created (And dams)
Humans can harness energy
Grey goo
Heisenburg Element (Breaking Bad)
Zombie Giant for new zombie campaign
Laser Multi (Multiplies a certain object where it touchs)
Some premade maps for playeras to add too (Like a city)
More Cars
Humans can get into certain cars
Evil Human can trigger batteries gates etc with his super powers to find other humans and kill them
Super Villian with powers
Make a custom human avatar of yourself
More colored building blocks
Ability to make blocks stronger or weaker
Faster Updates

Please Make The Sandbox 2.0 the best yet!!!!!!


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Re: Possible Future elements and mechanices
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2015, 10:10:22 PM »
ALSO PLEASE ADD MORE SOUND EFFECT (Fire) MUSIC AND THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE SONG DEPENDING ON THE MOOD (So there is no cheerful music while zombie are killing everyone)


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Re: Possible Future elements and mechanices
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2015, 06:26:36 PM »
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MORE LAZERS. And also a tool that makes whereever you touch bright. And a tool that you can make your design into different environments for example if you built a building, the first one makes it into a flooded buildibg, with leaks and has watter and algae with metal elements spewing out electro and fish everywhere, the second one renders it a radioactive waste land, with damage and radiation with weird creatures. A bunch of environments like this.

You could also add more tools, for example a tool that makes wherever you touch radioactive, another makes it liquified, but the same block (Kind of like wax) Please add another tab called tools with such items.

Add some mutated creatures which are created from radiation, and some radiation monsters. AND PLEASE ADD A NUCLEAR REACTOR ITEM