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« on: March 06, 2015, 07:43:07 AM »
First iwant to thanke pixowl for this amazing game

Isugeget RPG elements!!!

Inested of score thereis coins or wealth

1.Magus the mage He can do some spells and collects diffrent spell books to do diffrint spell but he have a small health have mana to use spells
2.Jack the archer he collect diffrent bows and arrows for diffrent effects normal health
3.mac the warrior he collect  diffreent melee combat weapons for diffrents melee combat effects and combo attacks big health
4.heather the healer she do suppourt spells using spell wands small health have mana have wings to fly

WEAPONS AND SPELLS IDEAS (spell books and  other weapons can be bought)

Magus Ideas

Fire spell shoots fire ball (inflect burning statue)
Water balll shoot a ball of water
Water spray spray some water
Acid ball shoot a ball of acid
Electric charge low range electric charge eminis or metal
Dark ball shoot aball of dark power moves slowly damging evry thing it touch
Seed spell put a seed that turn into a plant that eat eminis in range
Push spell push any thing further
Pull spell pull any thing
Freeze spell shoot ice laser (inflict freeze statue)
Poison gase spell (inflect poisoned statue)

Jack ideas

Long bow shoot for long range
Avrege bow shoot for normal range
Short bow for short range

Arrows consumed whene shooting

Fire arrows
Ice arrows
Exploding arrows
Normal arrows
Acid arrows
Poison arrows

Mac ideas

Fire blade
Ice blade
Poison blade
Normal blade

Mace diffrent combos
Fire mace
Ice mace
Poison mace
Normal mace

Spear diffirent combos
Ice spear
Fire spear
Poison spear
Normal spear

Heather ideas
Healing wand heal team mates
Shield wand  shield team from the first hit

Coins idea
Gold coins
Silver coins
Copper coins

Game ideas

Chest zoom press and hold to put some weapons in it
Marechent sells weapons for coins


Poison elmental normal health
Fire elmental
Ice elmental
Spiders can crawl on the solid elements small health
Knghits big health
Mages small health
Archers normal health

Bosses have a huge health

Mage king
Warrior king
Archer king
Dark soul
Ghost queen

Plz answer soon
Sorry for my bad english


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« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2019, 08:29:56 AM »
Sure! Thanks for that complete instructions! Let's see with the developers if it's possible...

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