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Radio and a Few Other Ideas
« on: February 15, 2015, 04:03:48 AM »
   The main thing I would like to see in future updates of the Sandbox is a system involving radio communication. Basically, there would be radio transmitters and receivers. When electricity touches a transmitter, it would instantly make all receivers emit electricity, through invisible "radio waves" that would presumably be transmitted by the transmitters to the receivers. To make sure that radio waves are not sent to transmitters that the player doesn't want to send the signal to at that particular instance, you could give players the option to set the transmitters and receivers to any of a list of several different frequencies so that transmitters wouldn't interact with non-matching receivers, or use LEDs in a similar way to your pipe system. Radio communication would increase the power of electrical circuits by several times, and would have many other applications as well. The possibilities would be infinite! It would be much easier for the player to do electrical projects requiring a high amount of processing power. For instance, I tried to make a simple one-digit addition calculator, but couldn't finish because it took too long and may have been nearly impossible. With radio communication, the calculator would certainly be possible, and maybe even easy! It would eliminate the trouble of putting down insanely complicated metal wiring, leaving a lot more space on the screen for other things. Imagine making a ninja game where the ninja activates a button on the top of the screen, which triggers something on the bottom of the screen. Normally, you would have to use a metal wire or possibly a laser to transmit the signal, but that could easily get in the way of the ninja, who needs to move around with relative ease. With radio communication, only 2 or 4 pixels would have to be involved in the signal transmission, instead of dozens of squares of space having to be set aside, hampering the effectiveness of the game. I think you understand how revolutionary radio communication could be to the Sandbox.

   I personally find your system for music-making rather tedious and difficult. Instead of having to start on Middle C and change it every single time you put down a Note, you could modify the system so that it automatically puts down whatever the last note you used is. If you put down a Note and changed it from the default Middle C to a D, for instance, when you put down another Note, it would already be set to D. You could then place all of your D's, your A's, your F sharps, etc. down at once. I see no disadvantage to this system and it would be very easy to program. However, there are even more ways you could make it easier to create music. A slider with every possible note instead of a piano keyboard could be easier to use, for instance. You could have an option of making a chord with a single pixel, or you could copy and paste a group of music notes. (Actually, copying and pasting would be very useful for many applications, not just music. Just putting that out there. I won't go into depth on it.) Possibly the most difficult thing to program, but the most useful to music-makers, would be a guide showing the distance on a wire to a note that would play a certain number of steps away. Like, a green mark would appear in the area that the electro would pass 4 steps away from the last note, if that makes sense. You could even (again, probably very hard to program) make a function that puts a Note on every point that is a certain number of steps away from the last Note on a wire. If that makes sense.

   Speed control could also be very useful. It would have an application to music making; if you wanted to listen to your song very slowly so that you could hear every Note and chord of Notes to really dissect it and make sure it's exactly the right rhythm, that would be useful. If an electrical circuit is malfunctioning so it doesn't do what you want, you could look at what happens right as it malfunctions, at a very slow speed so that you would catch it. There are also probably other applications. Basically, you would use it whenever you wanted to see exactly how something works. Fast speed could also be useful, like when you're growing trees or making a building from a seed, (as in, whenever you're too impatient) but it may be impossible, since it could crash the game or make it lag.

   It would be useful to have something that changes the conditions in the game, such as the world temperature or background, in reaction to an Electro passing over it. If you made speed control, it could also be useful for changing the tempo of a song as it plays, or anything else with speed.

   The undo function is useful, but it would be nice to be able to undo and re-do more than once. I guess there may be a problem with memory space or something, though. I'm no expert at mobile game-making.

   I would like some kind of overhead controlled game avatar, perhaps with a short range attack (sword), a la 2D Legend of Zelda. You already have the Snake and Laser Bike, or whatever it's called, but this overhead avatar wouldn't crash into walls and die. You could call it the "Swordsman" or something, and have it come with 2D overhead enemies that can move in all directions, and are killed by its attack. It would also be capable of activating buttons like the Avatar and Ninja do. You could also add other elements from the Legend of Zelda games, like how you made the Ninjas able to Wall Jump and enemies that die when jumped upon, like in the Mario games. These could include pushable blocks, bomb-dropping, etc. I'm sure someone on your team knows enough about the Legend of Zelda that they could tell you any other ideas that they have. To make games less impossible, not just for the Swordsman, but for the Avatar and Ninjas as well, I imagine that you could add a new multipixel gaming element, a "Heart," which would disappear when the avatar is hit. The avatar would, in this way, not be killed in just one hit. I'm already imagining a Heart refill system involving Area Multi and radio communication.

   Now I have comments about this forum. First, it's impossible to use it to make posts on a mobile device, as far as I can tell. Most people are going to find out about this forum because they tapped the "speech bubble" icon on the main menu of your app, so that would probably be the main way they would want to post. Just a small complaint. Also, it's well-nigh impossible - well, really difficult - just to make an account and post on this forum. I mean - ridiculously hard-to-read captchas left and right, a system with sending a message to your email to verify your account - come on! I guess it's not really such a big deal, but why does this little obscure forum about a mobile game have to have so much security? Who actually cares if a computer makes a fake account or something? And who would want to do that anyway? I don't want to offend anyone or anything, but can't it just be like, "click 'Create an account,' make a username and password, verify the password, click 'Register,' and be done with it?" I guess it doesn't matter that much, but it just annoyed me.

   Can you improve the way that worlds get into the "Hot Worlds" and "Top Worlds" lists? As someone else mentioned, there are a lot of people who just do role play on the "New Worlds" list, and no one likes that, because then the worlds that people did real work on are pushed rapidly to the back. To discourage this, you could make it so that worlds that are exactly identical are not able to be posted. (This would also discourage copying worlds of other players.) Instead, you could promote this forum, saying something along the lines of, "Don't chat in the Gallery! Go to the official Sandbox forum to talk to other players! Tap here!" Also, I think that if someone rates your world 4 stars or less when it's on the Hot Worlds list, it automatically is removed from the front of the list, making it very unlikely to become popular. This should be fixed with a better system.

   A small complaint I have is that the Electric Multi isn't always activated whenever Electros pass over it. I used Electric Multi in my popular Sandbox world, "Cheap Arcade," (that's right, I'm a celebrity,) to function as a kind of timer, which, because of this flaw, doesn't work exactly how I intended. It's not a big deal, though. Also, an interesting thing that crashes the game: When you redirect an Obsidian laser onto itself, it creates a kind of Grandfather/Bootstrap Paradox, (I don't exactly know what to call it), since in the process of making a Laser, the Laser is destroyed in the same step. This is unlikely to be a problem, though, since it's rare that someone would try it. I just thought you would find it interesting!

   Possibly my biggest complaint with the game is that on a regular basis, all of my progress, except for my saved worlds, are lost. This has happened to several other players, as I've found from the comments of your game. I would be much more motivated to play the game and create worlds to share in the Gallery (by the way, sharing frequently doesn't even work,) if this didn't happen all the time. If you could just save the amount of Mana and elements someone has in the same place you store the saved worlds, that would fix it, I think. I don't know, though. As I said, I'm no expert.



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Re: Radio and a Few Other Ideas
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2015, 09:44:55 AM »
Thanks for those suggestions! They will be filed and send to the developers team!