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Upcoming Game: 'Yonder' - Sandbox Crafting MMO


'Yonder' Is a Sandbox Crafting MMO by Infinitus Designs, a small volunteer dev team.

I'm Traslogan, lead-developer on the team. Recently we've begun posting images regarding development as we're about to come out of pre-alpha near the end of next month.

In Yonder, the player plays from an isometric / RPG-like perspective and moves around using the left mouse button. They can interact with the world in ways such as digging tiles up or down, chopping down trees, and mining. As the game progresses, they will have more options to interact such as crafting, construction, and various combat options. At the moment, the game is in the final stages of its pre-alpha, and as such we'd like to start spreading the word about it.

On the Infinitus Designs Facebook, you can get more regular updates as the development progresses. The official website and forums are still in the works, and will be ready in the coming weeks.

Any questions can be answered on this post or even via messages to the Facebook page.

Zehua Jiang:
Sounds interesting, but u need to show more screen shots

Sure thing! Sorry for the lack of replies, I'd been checking up on this post for some time and didn't notice the reply.

I'll try and check back on this post sometimes again!

We also have a pre-alpha proof-of-concept video too:

Sandbox games are generally something i really dig. Definitely looking forward to checking out the progress!
mobile development

I miss this game the most.


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