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The Sandbox - Update 1.400 for iOS now available!



The Sandbox 1.400 update is now available for iOS!

Download at

What's New
+ Play the new Robocalypse campaign: 10 new levels where you will join the Resistance and fight to survive!
+ Discover 5 new exciting elements:
   - The Robots are coming from the future to The Sandbox! They are here to eradicate humanity and all lively creatures!
   - Control their behavior with the magic powders: turn them in Berserk or Sentinel mode.
   - Colorful Fireworks: enjoy pyrotechnical explosions effects that will illuminate your crafted worlds.
   - The Galaxy invaders arrive from the sky; do they come in peace? Not so sure...
+ New animated main menu
+ Earn FREE mana with our 10 new daily quests -- 40 different in total to accomplish!
+ New App Icon
+ Various Bug Fixes

Watch the trailer now:

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