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A few ideas
« on: May 26, 2013, 05:09:19 AM »
Oooooh marquees!  Havent seen these since my highschool web design course!
But more to the point I have a few ideas that I think would really improve the sandbox-
(which is already great fun)

  • improved panning (I have to switch to eraser while panning to prevent myself from putting down useless junk
  • zoom gesture (would speed creation up a bit- multiple zoom levels might be helpful too.)
  • Bigger Maps (as an option.  this would be helpful for circuit design for example)
  • Doodle your own backgrounds (This would be great.  An option to save your doodles as a background)
  • Import backgrounds (mana fee tied to this to prevent them from uploading copies of your own backgrounds.)
  • Pressure (a property that would allow elements to cave in or cave out based on how much stress they are under)
  • More free mana variety.  Maybe you could allow the community to make some free mana things? That'd be interesting.... though i think it might need to be moderated.

  • cross pipe (i saw this listed as a request by a user in the app store)
  • logic gate element (because this would save a metric ton of space if biggers maps arent implemented)
  • Pushbutton (Something YOU can hit with your own finger.)  I found a way to make these anyway but being able to do it with an element might be cooler)

Advanced Human
  • Elevator/Compactor (same thing.  You can create a sliding thing of blocks that goes up and down when humans stand on it... or goes up or down when a human actives the lift via a trap (button for example)
  • Human sensor- if they walk on a human sensor it sends on an electro
  • Behavior- make humans attracted to gemstones.  Or gold (new element). This could be funny- line them up for a trap
  • Behavior- Human Dance (you can make the little people dance if they hear note blocks)
  • Behavior- Humans run away from or (if armed) attack zombies/monsters (with a chance of infection)

  • Achievements (randomly reset giving you a TON of free mana.)
  • Free Mana (the daily event will sometimes reset if your internet bugs out)
  • Electrospasm (if an electro goes back in on itself it creates a perpetual flickering loop instead of cancelling)
  • Erase the background of a free mana game (I kid you not.  The game bugs out BIG TIME when you do this.)
  • Redoing free mana game breaks stuff (you get a menu without text or buttons.  (tied to the bug above)

Hope this list proves to be useful... or at the very least interesting.  : )


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Re: A few ideas
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2014, 04:51:16 PM »
Thanks for all those suggestions! All of them will be transmitted to the developers team.