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How About a Favourites Tab?


I find myself constantly having to search and scroll around in the elements menu finding a set of elements I use alot. This gets rather annoying if my most used elements are scattered around in different tabs.
It would be very helpful to add another blank tab called 'Favourites' or something like that, where you are able to place commonly used elements in.

How about that?

I was just thinking that earlyer when I was making my basic calc v2.5(which doesn't work because of the metal not functioning correctly -_-  ) and it would be useful. Maybe slide it from either left or right and it scrolls out from that direction. Would make things alot smoother and easyer to do.

Bump! Yes Please! maybe the "favourites palette" could have the 3 most recently used pixels too?

(sorry for the late answer)
Your idea could be very helpful to pixel artists.
Thanks for that!

(sorry for the late answer)


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