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Help designing Wireworld logic


Hello! I am working on a project that involves a few logic gates and several inputs to control one of two outputs.

One of the outputs uses an XOR gate before being applied. The XOR gate takes input from a constant battery source and a light detector. Normally an XOR gate works when input is coming in at the same time/rate. The rate is not a problem, the battery is set to output at the same rate as the light detector.

My problem stems from when the light detector is set off. It is affected by a different, discrete system. Sometimes it will turn on, sometimes it will turn off. With my design the majority of the time it is set off the output is not in time with the battery and so the XOR get doesn't work, it just sends both signals through effectively doubling the output.

Is there a logical timing function I can somehow implement before it goes into the XOR gate to sync it with the battery?

In this sense I will implement it in a separate section of my map where there are two water detectors. One high and one low and I need to XOR them. The higher sensor will sometimes be on and sometimes off and I need for the pulses to line up with the lower sensor regardless of how much time has been in between the last activation.

I'm going to forward this thread to our devs, which will, I'm sure, be able to help you ;)

Due to the current limitations on The Sandbox, it is not easy to make. I've made one but it requires perfect syncro between both lines-which is practically impossible. Maybe if there were some new element/s to help current flow depending on input(which seams rather difficult to me too) you might be able to.

I'm going to forward this thread to our devs, which will, I'm sure, be able to help you ;)

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