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Lonely human campaign level 12

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I can't figure out how to make the SOS signal! Please help!

Heres the steps that worked for me:
1.) Put a bulb on the top 3 green spots at the top of the lighthouse (2 spaces that aren't surrounded by wall and the one space in between them surrounded by wall)
2.) Put a note on the 2 lower green spaces at the top of the lighthouse (the 2 lower ones that are surrounded by wall)
3.) Put 3 crosswires in the green spot at the bottom of the lighthouse where the metals almost touch but don't
4.) Zoom in to the part of the lighthouse where the wall comes out and looks like a good place for a button (should be the only green spot left). Put a button there. Put some wood underneath the button. Take woodcutter powder and sprinkle it on the man.
6.) The man should go hit the button while woodcutting and then you will have won the level. If you can't figure it out please say so. If it works say that! :) good luck!

thank you!!

Hopefully it works. Your welcome!

The level with the signal fire was also a bit tricky.
The way I passed it was by setting the trees on fire with a heater and normal sensor.


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