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Human Houses!

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I like the new human update, can there be a house where they live in that grows just like the statues and dino's? And maybe builded by the buiders itself? Or that builders auto-build houses and then really live in them?

possibly it sounds like it either won't happen or it is already in it.(also,how do i get the builders to build??)

Grim, I can barely get mine to do anything but eat rabbits. But maybe someday the humans will interact with the pyramids and dinos and such.

For now Humans cannot interract with any deco items. The only thing they can do is to build there little house by collecting wood and stone, then switch to the builder powder.

May be some day the human will be able to interact with deco, but for now, they're only deco.

Thanks for your idea!
Humans interactions are important, indeed. This will be transmitted to developers.


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