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Tutorial - Play the new daily challenges with FREE mana rewards.


Hi everyone!

In the latest update of The Sandbox (1.052 on iOS and 1.06 on Android), you can do the new Daily Quest challenges to win mana.
Download it here for FREE:

In the main menu of the game, tap the bubble above the god's head on the main menu. 
Every day, you have a new quest available. Accomplish them all to accumulare more mana and then be able to acquire even cooler elements!

For example, in this quest your goal is to start the spaceship with the element water.

To do that, it is necessary to fill the water tank.

Once you complete the challenge, you receive your mana gift, cool isn't it?

A different quest is awaiting you each day, try to solve them all to earn a maximum of mana!

Enjoy !!!

Pixowl Team

Twitter: -

I think this was update is great! So much fun! I just wonder though. How many different daily challenges are there? I hope a lot! And can you save the levels?

wonder when Android gets this version?

Do you have to have the newest update to get daily mana?


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