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  Do you have that somebody you really like, but you are too shy to confess?
  You are at the right post, in this post, you can write down the name of your crush and the messages you have longed to say to him/her!
  Don't be shy! Your crush won't see it (99.9% guaranteed)!

Yes but not gonna post it! HAHA

I have a crush on big Onions... Oh yeah, I love them... (?

Is "Bacon" a proper answer ?

mishn impossible:
 :-*    BACON!!!!!!!!!   :-*

i walk up to the bacon like  8) and then the bacon is all like :'( and im like dont be lonely bacon  :D and its all like  :-[  and then im like come here  :-* and then hes like  ???  and then im like "time to play sandbox"
the end.


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