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Hi all,

my name is Winston and I am part of a multimedia graduate program.  My team has decided to make an iOS game as our thesis project and I have been charged with the art direction. I have chosen to go with an 8bit/pixel aesthetic and I was wondering if anyone could give some tips on how to get started with creating pixel graphics for iOS.  I’m not really an artist and I have very basic of knowledge of photoshop and illustrator so any tips would be much appreciated; i.e., software/hardware most often used, book/website resources, etc.  Also, maybe some advice on the basic stuff like how I should size my .PSDs or .iA files.  Again, any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks! 

I'd recommend you to use Cocos2D. It's very easy to use. Just remember to add "[[THECANVASSPRITE texture] setAliasTexParameters];" to stop the soul crushing smoothing of images.

If you intend to draw on a canvas in real time like we do with The Sandbox, the CCMutableTexture2D class provides a smooth interface programming wise and the best performance (as long as you don't go insane with the resolution).

If you need some quick pixel artsy assets for testing, search for small, icon sized images in Google Images (Non commercial use, of course).

I'm no artist, so here is where my advice end =p

Good luck!

i'll look into the things you mentioned. thanks a bunch! truly appreciated.

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