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Tutorial - How to Pixelize a Picture


You've always dreamt about making pixelated artworks, you love the retro gaming and the 8-bit style, but you don't know how to make picture look the way you want, don't worry we have THE solution!  ;D

First of all, open the picture you want to pixelize into Photoshop (or equivalent image editor) on your computer.

You probably all recognized Greedy Grub an iconic video game figure :p

Now that the picture is opened in Photoshop, open the Levels window (Ctrl+L), modify the values to have a brighter picture

After the levels have been modified, you should have this

Now we're going to open the Indexed colors window and modify the values, this can help our final result be more recognizable. (recommanded for pictures which have a lot of details in the background)

We'll resize the picture from something big to something tiny! So open the picture size window.

You have to modify the values, but you should have really lower values, so the changes will be even more visible.

This is a really big change considering the size of the original picture :)

From there, change the pull-down tab that reads “Pixels” to “Percent.” I used 400% but I recommend you to use 200%/300% depending on the original size of your picture.

The exact screen size of a world in The Sandbox is 480x320, so you can make sure that will fit in the game screen!

This should be the final result! Pretty cool right? If you have any questions just ask me :)

Your picture is now pixelized which will make it way easier to create an awesome in The Sandbox, just hold you device next to your screen and copy visually the mosaic that you see :D

Cool! Now I need to figure out how to fix my adobe Photoshop! ;D

thank you.  :)


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