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General / Will android ever be updated again...
« on: June 14, 2014, 08:57:13 PM »
...Or will the developing team just ignore it indefinitely? I'm frustrated due to the lack of updates. A friend who has an Apple product is five updates ahead, and getting new ones regularly. I get emails informing me of new updates for iOS, but I've never gotten one for android and I've had the game close to six months on my kindle. Why is android so far behind?

As for other items of note, please refer to my post in Help and Support titled something along the lines of "Why is android so far behind? And two other bugs".

I would like an admin statement. The post in help and support has been ignored for the past month. Dev support for this game is terrible. Nonexistent. I am not impressed.

Introduction / Hello
« on: April 13, 2014, 10:38:52 PM »

I play The Sandbox on my Kindle fire. The version of the game currently on the fire is 1.501. A friend of mine with an iPhone has a version 1.8. Why is the version of the Sandbox for Amazon products so far behind the rest? My kindle has auto-update enabled, so my version is the most up to date available. Is there anyone who knows this magical answer?

My kindle uses 7.4.8 of whatever OS Amazon uses on their tablets (I would assume Android). My kindle only connects to the Internet via Wifi, and where I live the connection is slower than Christmas, but that shouldn't mess with the updates.


Another error I've taken note of is quite near game breaking. The zoom function doesn't work correctly. This is on the same device mentioned above. Anyways, zooming in works just fine, but if you touch and move your finger the view box moves about the universe rapidly, and completely randomly. This prevents 90% of fine changes to a structure unless you zoom on the exact spot you need to and the view doesn't move when you tap the button in the corner to place pixels. Also, what's with the dead spot around the button? Makes it impossible to modify settings on batteries and notes near the button. Mat I suggest an update to remove these glitches, and preferably soon?

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