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Other Games / Another sandbox game
« on: March 31, 2015, 06:29:12 AM »
Introduce my game

-Design your own Battle Ship and Island
Design your own battle ship with weapons,armors,functional devices In a cube based editor.

-Weapon Balance
Every weapon has pros and cons,Every weapon is useful in the right position.

-Multiple Battle Strategy
To fight with different types of enemy ships,use different battle strategy. Use Energy Shield to block bullets, Use Mortar or Torpedo to break shield,AA-Gun to shoot torpedo,or use armor to protect your deck and charge enemy ship directly.Use thrust to rush to the weak side of enemy ship.Use cannon to push enemy back when they charge toward you.

-No Role Level
Players are equal in online battle.There is no such thing as a level 99 player kills a level 1 player with a single bullet.It's all about your control of movement and right combination of weapons.

-Design your own Profession
Although there is no built-in profession as warrior or archer,With different combination of weapons and devices,you can customize the profession of your ship such as:Long range attack/Charge/Tank/Cure/Weapon obstruct.

-Simple combat control
Movement,Rotation and Critical Skill cast.
Weapon Merge & Weapon Height
Put multiple weapons of the same kind in square pattern to merge them into a bigger one,make it more powerful.Raise the deck under a weapon to increase the shooting range.

-Everything is physical and breakable
Every part of ship can be destroyed.When you drive your ship to collide the other ship,Decks will be broken and ship will be push back and rotate.Terrain can be destroyed with weapons too.

-Support Multi-player battle up to 3V3
Cooperate with your teammates in online battle,Cure your teammate's ship with huge combined Repair Station,Arm with plenty of armors to be the Tank of team and cover your long range attacker teammate,Collide enemy with your ship to stop them from escaping when your teammate is using super skill.

Keep informed:

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