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I had some Ideas for the Sandbox future updates. First, element ideas.

Movable Elements: (like earth or sand)

-Salt (Put it in the water to generate salt water!)
-Waterweehls (When water brings to rotate them, they generates electricity)
-bubbles (Put they in water, they will move up and bursts. Fish and Humans underwater generate them.)
-fuse (It burns faster than wood.)
-grenade (Humans can throw it.)
-climbing plant seeds
-priming powder (Prime it with fire.)
-spark (It can burn something like fire, but moves like electricity)
-powder (If it's hot, it will be ash. Humans sink a bit into the powder.)

Liquid elements:

-swamp (Everything sink into the swamp.)
-salt water (If it's hot or very hot, the water will disappear and only salt will be there.)
-nitro (such as liquid TNT.)
-mercury (It can conduct electricity and if the temperature is cold or very cold, it's like normal metal.)
-soapy (Electricity blow it up. Humans are happy when they swim in soapy.)

Unmovable elements:

-Fireworks (Colours:green,blue,red,yellow)
-E-fireworks (You need electricity to turn it on.)
-bulletproof glass
-Colour glass (Red, green,yellow,blue,orange,pink)
-invisible glass
-brick wall (a destructible wall)

And here are my animal ideas:

-Sharks (Live in salt water and eat fish and sometimes humans)
-Ants (They build ant nests.)
-Fighters (This humans attack other fighters or normal humans)

I had some ideas for elements like gas too:

-Wind (Hold your finger and move it to destroy elements with a storm!)
-Oxygen (Humans and animals need it.)
-Carbon (If you create to much carbon, you will get carbon clouds. The make your universe very warm.)

And i had ideas for more options and campaigns:

- Weather Options:
 -Lava rain  ;)
-Control Humans with control buttons!(Top,down,right,left)

Campaign ideas:
-Mystic adventures campaign (buy) Control your human trough the levels.
-Windy god campaign (free) Make it windy or create a vacuum!
-Fight campaign (buy) Humans vs. Fighters!
-Explosive campaign (buy) You should juse grenades...

Anoher idea: Black holes can make a vacuum. Then you need oxygen, because animals can't survive in a vacuum!

Do you like my ideas?
Do you think some of my element ideas will be in a future update?
It will be good. :)

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