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General / IOS 1.99983 List Containing Name of Some Spammer Roleplayers
« on: April 30, 2015, 05:43:33 PM »
Hi, i just created my account, im new, and im quite irritated, so i apologize if any part of my text may sound "aggressive" (i hate spammers enough to hate myself when i start spamming)

I play the sandbox in my iphone 5, some players that are "old" to the sandbox game, may checked the gallery once... and noticed something on the new maps:

1 - Maps containing the same pixelart
2 - Different "scrambled" names (like: ueahgsud)
3 - A "Text" towards other user or "making a action" (like: *rubs that spammer* or: hey spammer, how ya?)
4 - Some of the repeated maps usually have the same author

this may not see like a problem but it is, spamming this way is not cool, 5-10 maps containing same pixelart may "flood" the server. also it annoys other people that like navigating through gallery to play other people maps. as a person asked before, if there was going to be a chatroom so these people could move to there and leave gallery alone for people that actually like it. the only problem is that i heard from support and in the chatroom topic (link: that this spam is a "hack" (seriously, editing the name and the description of the map is a hack? the anti-spam measures are a bit weak, sorry) will just "not stop" (it did for now since gallery servers are bugged up... i wonder why...  ::))

now off with the intro, heres a list with some of these roleplayers nicknames:

warriorcat 15
Montoya43<►        <-blue nickname
Suicide King 94
Ditzy Doo =)               <-blue nickname
Epic     1
Chrome Classics
DragonSun               <-blue nickname
Cobalt Wing!!!!
Dragon of Ender

i have no idea how the "blue nickname" guys managed to get that color in their nicknames (and if you check their maps, the author name is black coloured) and warriorcat with space and a 15 may see like a banned nickname...

anyways, i hope this may help into a action from ios version, its really annoying that spam (to find a cool map takes around 30 pages) and even if i hate spamming, i do not wish for them to be banned (EVEN IF I WANT IT SOOO BADLY) yet i hope this may help into a server cleanup to delete these spams or to identify/warn them about their actions.

also by spam i mean this:

Peace to y'all...

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