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Title: The Sandbox - Update 1.990: the Country Life for iOS now available!
Post by: Pixowl on June 13, 2014, 10:21:34 PM
Hello Sandboxers!


The new 1.990 update "Country Life"! for The Sandbox is out on iOS!

Download at (
YouTube Trailer: (


What's New?

+ New campaign (15 levels): the Farm Life Campaign

+ Improvements on the Humans:
- The Hunter will be able to shoot animals and place Traps!
- The Farmer will raise chickens and convert them to food
- After collecting a certain amount of specific resources (food, aluminite, etc), you can create special buildings with which your humans will interact with emoticons (with a brand new UI)

+ 6 New elements:
- The Tractor to help the farmer to harvest quicker
- The Chicken, the Chicks and the Egg will be raised and converted to food or hunted by the fox
- The Fox the worst enemy of the chickens!
- The Crow will fly around and eat the crops
- The Scarecrow will drive away the crows
- The E-drain to build advanced irrigation system drove by electricity

+ 2 New blueprints
- Bullseye for all the wannabee archer
- The Chicken Pen to raise your future meat

+ New Farm Life related backgrounds

+ New possibilities and features:
- Try Electrofishing or the various upgrades on some existing elements (Lion, vehicles)
- UI optimizations
- New sounds and background music for most campaigns!

+ Various bug fixes

We hope you will enjoy it, please let us know your feedbacks!

The Sandbox team