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Title: Creative ideas
Post by: XPickleX on July 30, 2013, 08:19:24 AM
Hey, feel free to post your ideas! Don't discourage ideas unless they are impossible.I'll share some ideas as well here they are: bigger worlds, having more room to expand your creations would be nice all you would have to do is scroll to either side of your screen.Dimensions, yeah you heard me dimensions. For example you unlock a portal element place it hold it and select either choose randomly generated world or make your own. Multiplayer, I know I know your thinking what how? Well,say type in someone's username to send them a invite they'll join, and I think chat and a player list would be nice. But, you don't see the other person you can just see them place (cubes,pixels) etc. Those are just a few of my ideas but I wanna see your guys ideas. So..just post to this topic!(remember to clarify what you mean how it's done etc.THANK YOU! :D
Title: Re: Creative ideas
Post by: XPickleX on July 31, 2013, 07:44:47 AM
I was thinking and I decided to add more ideas! I got these ideas from some ones idea to have wind.So, I thought and I came up with these ideas!: Tornado,when storms intensify so much they can produce a TORNADO. Hurricanes,same thing as tornados except over water.dinosaurs! Yes I know there in the game all I want is for them to have an BRAIN! I mean who wants a dinosaur that just sits there boring!another thing kinda out of place at the moment is packages.when you place the element if you hold it you can put reasonable items/elements inside.well that's all don't forget to post!
Title: Re: Creative ideas
Post by: Pixowl on December 19, 2014, 04:46:40 PM
Your wind idea is really awesome, just like the one for the living dinosaurs... But I'm afraid multiplayers world are not possible to program...
Thanks for your ideas, they will be transmitted to the developers team!