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Feedback / Re: Some ideas for a new update
« Last post by Thermosman on November 03, 2015, 10:21:42 PM »
More suggestions
- componets to change gravity
-NOT gates
-Other logic gates
-no gravity option
-premade diode component
-custom color blocks
Feedback / Some ideas for a new update
« Last post by Thermosman on November 03, 2015, 09:38:11 PM »
- A infinite scrolling world or just a larger universe that is scrollable and adjustable world size
- Option for new worlds to have randomly generated terrain
- Ability to get next section of level pack when done previous for free (for example you finish brainac 1 and you get brainac 2 for free, finish 2 and get 3, etc.)
- Maybe a new dev idea for computers to make this game in a 3d world
- better "element-pedia" descriptions (for example, explain the effects of different gems on lasers)
- maybe for all versions add multiple layers to to allow for electronics and other stuff to be hidden while still controlling it
- Weather cloud spawner elements
- mushroom cloud explosion background not everlasting after nuke
- on last day of free gifts, maybe you could have a chance to win an element
- custom settings game of life element
- In any game/level that there is a insert coin button pressing it causes the game to crash
- Crashes a lot in general
- sometimes dont get daily gift
-level completion glitchs
Announcements / The Sandbox - Update 1.99996: Halloween!
« Last post by Pixowl on October 28, 2015, 03:59:42 PM »
The new 1.99996 update HALLOWEEN is out on iOS!

★ New Update: Halloween!★

Play with the creatures of the night: Headless Horseman, Vampires, Werewolves and more!

Get now the new 1.99996 update for The Sandbox on iOS
Download at
YouTube Trailer:

What's New in the Update 1.99996?

▪ 1 new controllable element, the Headless Horseman, a ghastly rider on a demon steed that can throw his pumpkin head as a projectile that explodes.
▪ 2 new enemies that can turn Humans into their kind:
The Vampire will seek and attack Humans, and occasionally move around by shapeshifting into a Bat. They cannot do this when under the effect of light.
The Werewolf will also seek and attack Humans, and will go back to Human Form after a while. However, it will turn back into a Werewolf unless affected by light.
▪ 4 new decorative elements to make your Halloween-themed levels:
Jack O’ Lantern, Cauldron, Haunted Tree and Tombstones.

We hope you will enjoy it, please let us know your feedbacks!

Happy Halloween!


The Sandbox Team
Help / Support / Problem level 7 And 8
« Last post by connie201 on October 26, 2015, 01:01:12 PM »
According the Formal Pokemon Website, Pokemon Go can be played on iPhone to and Android devices. Android Fundamental happens to be about android material generally speaking; hell, a regular report about just programs although there's, wallpapers, material of the sort. They will have imported Missingno into games like Pokémon Stadium (where it's going to appear as an object called toy, or possibly a Ditto in case of Arena 2). And a thing that resembles Missingno in Y & X has been perhaps strangely found by players. After breaking along it, I learned the Top three hottest Varieties Of Pokemon were Normal , Water and Poison Pokemon. All that's necessary to complete as a way to disable this element is switch the tiny change with AR alongside it next time you-go to get a Pokemon.
Whichever decides when Pokémon arrive is totally arbitrary - you go a half-hour with just a Pidgey in-sight and then can be skating in Poliwags about a minute. If youare desperate to perform Pokémon GO today, sideloading the software must work with you, but when youare concerned about the risk, await the official launch in the united kingdom. As for other developments on iOS, players will be not forced by Pokémon Go to re-enter when expelled from their balances their usernames and passwords. Use today Pokemon Go Hack for Android and Ios to get unlimited pokecoins!
Like the majority of major cellular games produced as of late, Pokemon Go is actually a free-to-play sport: meaning it is possible to download it and play without paying a dollar, but you will find in-app acquisitions accessible that enable you to push in real cash for advantages. I am hoping there are plenty of these, when the nearest electronic shop was ten miles apart since should you also have to physically go to the shop to acquire fresh kinds and go out of pokéballs it'd be described as a kicker. That person must then travel to the Pokemon area to initiate the record mode”.
There were some preliminary scares about how exactly Pokemon Go hack will provide unlimited pokecoins for android devices — especially inside the application —'s iOS variation but you will find more authentic what to know about beyond that. Rare Pokemon could possibly be found in specific areas of world for example outstanding monuments, old sites, specific companies or different well known areas.
In addition to these fresh normal safety update applications from LG and Bing , other key companies such as Android and HTC One are supposedly delivering out Stagefright spots to buyers. If you want to play with Pokemon Go on your own Android product, and you're not in a nation that has created Pokemon Go accessible through the Google store, then your following guidelines may demonstrate you how to get it from a third party website. Update: Pokemon-Go, a fresh augmented reality game that allows players capture Pokémon in their authentic-world setting, is currently using the world by storm just days following its release.
Chit-Chat / Flats become gifts in Kerala
« Last post by djaks on October 20, 2015, 07:37:28 AM »
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Help / Support / Game Crash| Please Help!
« Last post by Legomaniac359 on October 05, 2015, 04:54:35 AM »
Hello developers. I have had the following problem on the sandbox handheld version (details below):

    While working my way through the Robocalypse campaign, I have gotten stuck on level 10 - Resistance. It turns out that whenever I interact with the truck, the game crashes. I can open its GUI, but as soon as I touch one of its buttons, my phone tells me "Unfortunately, The Sandbox has stopped." I would appreciate any help, or possibly a fix in the next update.

OS: Android
OS Version: Android 5.0
Device: Samsung Galaxy S5
Connection: WiFi

By the way, I really love the game so far; very brilliant!
Announcements / The Sandbox - Update 1.99994: Underwater!
« Last post by Pixowl on October 01, 2015, 04:51:22 PM »

The new 1.99994 update "UNDERWATER" is out on iOS!

★ New Campaign: Underwater!★

Explore with Jones the legendary city of Atlantis, meet an unexpected ally and fight dangers of the depths in this new campaign! With the new underwater elements, create your own underwater adventure

Get now the new 1.99994 update for The Sandbox on iOS
Download at
YouTube Trailer:

What's New in the Update 1.99994?

▪ 2 new controllable elements, and their enemy versions:
▪ Atlantean, a humanoid with fishlike features that can breathe underwater and suffocates when outside of it. He can also dash forward when swimming, and jumps instead when he’s not. Has a ranged attack.
▪ Submarine, a vehicle that can only move in water and can shoot Torpedoes to defeat its enemies or obstacles. Torpedoes are projectiles that can move in liquids and do not destroy them when they explode.
▪ 3 new sea animals to populate your aquatic levels or even serve as enemies in them
▪ Shark, a fearsome predator of the sea, moves from one side to the other in search for prey.
▪ Jellyfish look cute and glow in many colors but are extremely poisonous and should never be approached.
▪ Anemones will attract and pull small fishes towards them but are mostly harmless. Unless Mutagem is used on them…
▪ 1 new tech element:
▪ Torpedo Launcher, which is activated and used the same way the Rocket Launcher is. Torpedoes are rockets that only move in Water. If they are spawned elsewhere, they will simply fall downwards and explode when touching the floor.
▪ A campaign of 18 levels where you will follow Jones in his search for the Lost City of Atlantis. He will, however, spend most of the adventure in the Submarine, and will find an unexpected friend on the way: the Atlantean Prince. Fight your way through underwater caves, mysterious temples, and even the mouth of a giant beast.

We hope you will enjoy it, please let us know your feedbacks!


The Sandbox Team
General / Re: A question
« Last post by Cybeyyai on September 30, 2015, 11:52:05 AM »
Backpacks, meaning that fits like a lot, like to have this.
Other Games / Re: Knytt Stories
« Last post by Cybeyyai on September 30, 2015, 11:51:26 AM »
Have more to study, where to go.
Help / Support / in-app purchase Problem
« Last post by behaft2036 on September 19, 2015, 07:53:18 PM »
Hello ,

I had purchased All campaigns Pack 9.99$ and after that nothing happen and then I also try to restore purchase
and nothing happen. Has any solution?
I use ios9 run with iPad air

Thanks in advance
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