Author Topic: The Sandbox - Update 1.700: New Controllable Elements for iOS now available!  (Read 5524 times)


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Dear Sandboxers,

The Sandbox 1.700 update "New Controllable Elements + Free Campaign" is now available for iOS!

Download at

Preview Trailer:

For the first time in The Sandbox, explore your worlds with the Avatar, a controllable human! Create more retro mini-games and levels with the Ninja, our super agile hero, the Imp, its enemy and 2 new moving or falling platforms…
The FREE User-Created #2 campaign will challenge you with the finest levels made by our fantastic community!

What's New in Update 1.700?
+ A FREE campaign for all players: play the User-Created #2 campaign and accomplish the challenge from the finest levels made by our fantastic community!

+ Discover 6 new elements to create more retro mini-games and advanced contraptions or technology worlds:
   - the Avatar, a controllable human –for the first time!
   - the Ninja, a very agile hero that jumps high and moves like a… ninja.
   - the Imp enemy, a hostile element whose purpose is to kill all humans and fight with the Ninja
   - 2 types of Platforms: Moving and Falling, an interactive element for creating new mini games
   - Light Prism element, to diffract any laser beam into the full color spectrum!

+ Discover the new Quartz and Aluminite Lasers -- find out what their powers!
+ Several new Daily Quests - more FREE mana to earn when you play each day
+ Automatic worlds Tagging, Search by category: Pixel Art, Music or Gaming in the Online Gallery!
+ Full game translation in German… Guten Tag Sandboxers!
+ New App Icon
+ Various Bug Fixes

We hope you will enjoy it, please let us know your feedbacks!

The Sandbox team :)


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Hey Sandboxers,
It has been a long time.
A bit less than a year ago, I was testing around how to record my iOS device. So I just went messing around so I thought, why not make a video now I can do this, and made a walkthrough on the User-Created Campaign.
Now I see there is a User-Created 2 Campaign, I couldn't stay away and went to make a walkthrough about it too, the first one was my most viewed video ever with 150.000 sandbox fans who watched my video.

I am proud to present the walkthrough of the second User-Created Campaign!


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not for android?